Corporate Gifting

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Corporate gifting in the spice vertical includes the practice of businesses or organizations gifting spice-related products to our clients, employees, or business partners to provide them with the enriching experience of delectable cuisines. There can be nothing as relishing as offering them the taste of our flavours as corporate gifts because, as the saying goes,
“There is no sincere love as the love for food.”

Spice Gift Sets

Various business establishments can invest in designing different spice gift sets curated with high-quality and exotic spices and seasoning. These gift hampers include a fusion of spice blends, single spices, or speciality spices, encased in attractive cases. These gifts can be themed with hues of aromas and flavours ranging from national to international taste buds.

Custom Spice Blends

Customized spice blends include the liberty of companies to personalize their own spice blends and seasonings with their own brand name, logos, and packaging in bottles or containers, offering a unique profile delicacy with the opportunity to offer personalized and exclusive gifts to recipients.

Gourmet Spice Hampers

Gourmet spice hampers are designed to curate the pioneering heritage and centuries-old vibe with an amalgamation of premium quality spices with complementary food items or add-ons. For example, a hamper could include spice products, recipe cards and cooking appliances, adorned to give a gourmet spice hamper aura.

Branded Spice Jars or Bottles

Company establishments can design their customized branded spice jars and bottles under their own brand name and logo. These branded spice containers are ladened with supreme quality spices and exotic aromas and flavours, packaged with the branding of the respective companies so as to haul an aura of professionalism and the mindset of the company’s altruism.

Custom Spice Kits

Custom spice kits are designed for a particular dish or cuisine, and gifted to the recipients. These can be gifted with the right servings of the ingredients and the recipe cards for the same, along with the cooking instructions, to have a mouth-watering culinary experience.

Personalized Spice Labels

Business establishments can create personalized spice labels containing specialized messages or tags for an intimate touch to the spice packaging.