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ICS as a Quality Assurance Mechanism for Grower Groups

ICS is a quality system, within the grower (farmer) group which acts as a miniature certification body dealing with internal inspection and approval. It consists of Internal Quality System Manager, Internal inspector, Approval manager & committee, Field officers, purchase officers, Warehouse manager and processing manager etc., applies to Producers groups, farmer cooperatives, processing units etc.

ICS Journey of RK India Export Pro Limited

With the burgeoning tilt towards acceptance of nature’s palette in the form of organic edibles and forging an irrevocable bond between health and nature, RK Group set foot into the organic farming sector in 2002. Initially, it proceeded by engaging around 200 farmers in the production of organic products, which have added up to almost 5000+ today, involved in the processing of various organic spices, pulses, cereals, oil seeds, herbs, lattes, and more. 

Our journey sprouted in 2018 with the formation of the first ICS of our farmers’ group at Gadra Road, Barmer, with the vision to acquire the organic production of cumin crops from the group. The hard work paid off in 2022 when we successfully acclaimed the status “organic” for the ICS is certified under the NPOP standard by Aditi Certification Pvt. Ltd. (the Certification Body), governed by APEDA. 

We have also certified two other farmers’ groups, situated in Jodhpur and Udaipur, under the NPOP standard by RSOCA. At present, they are on their way under the 2nd year conversion period, after which these ICS will also carry the laurel of “organic” status. 

Our future endeavours hold projects in regards to developing more ICS in Sirohi, Barmer, and Kota districts of Rajasthan to carry on the production of organic products ranging in spices, pulses, cereals, herbs, lattes, and more. 

Activities at ICS


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Manual Harvesting of Organic Crops

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