White Label and Private Labeling

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WHITE LABEL/Private Labeling

Retailers or other business establishments at times demand their customized blend of spices and seasonings to be packaged with their own brand name and logos, private labelling comes into play here.

RK Group White Label and Private Labeling

Spice Blends and Seasonings

Retailers are at liberty to acclimatize their own distinctive blends of spices and seasonings in accordance with their desired flavour profiles. These savoury spices can then be packaged under their own brand name and become available as ready-to-use spice blends for consumers. 

Customized Packaging

Private labelling allows retailers to customize the packaging of blended spice products to align with their brand image. These can include designing labels, choosing packaging materials, and incorporating branding elements like logos, colours, and product descriptions.

Individual Spices

Private labelling includes retailers customizing the spice products under their own brand name and offering customers the choice of individual products like cinnamon, paprika, red chillies, turmeric, etc. These individual spices' packaging is sourced from manufacturers and packagers with the retailer’s branding and packaging.

Private Labelling

Private labelling of the spice vertical complies with the individual retailers' or businesses’ demands for creating their own personalized brand of spice products with their customized packaging and labelling.


Designing becomes essential to portraying the aesthetic outlook of the company by incorporating visual and interactive elements, appeasing colours, superior graphics, typography, and much more.