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Organic Integration: Union of health and farmers

We here at RK Groups ensure sustainability, quality, preservation, and empowerment of health, farmers, consumers, and nature, all in tandem. We believe that the soil is akin to gold for the country and has to be preserved in the most natural way possible, which is done by refraining from introducing harmful chemicals into the environment, thus preserving the health of both consumers and nature. This is like a union of health and farmers that is revered throughout the world.


Farm Organic is committed to embodying organic farming practices by ensuring quality, feasibility, professionalism, and trust in sourcing, processing, packaging, testing, and delivering our products, and striving to transform the world into a thriving haven by embracing nature’s offerings while preserving Mother Earth. This is further enriched by providing ample employment opportunities and simultaneously empowering farmers, women, and the generations to come.


Our ambition is to revolutionize the landscape of the food industry. We aim to achieve this by sourcing ingredients in their natural state and rejuvenating Mother Earth with its sacred soil. In doing so, we advocate for a sector that is not only healthy and environmentally conscious but also socially responsible. Our company’s goal is to establish itself as a beacon of trustworthiness, authenticity, and inventive exploration in the organic realm. We are dedicated to delivering homemade flavours and aromas to people around the world. 



The RK Group stands as a global leader characterized by its unwavering commitment to quality, assurance, sustainability, feasibility, professionalism, traceability, and trust. These principles have propelled the group to reach remarkable heights on both national and international fronts. The journey of RK Group is marked by a path-breaking journey, a glorious legacy, steadfast dedication, and a widespread global presence. Furthermore, the group plays its role by providing a comprehensive solution encompassing a diverse range of organic products. It actively engages in corporate social responsibility (CSR), remains responsive to consumer needs, and contributes to the empowerment of farming families.

Farm Organic

One-stop solution for all the organic products of our company that are prepared with nature’s fervor and via regenerative agriculture.


The hotels, restaurants and catering businesses require their own customized blend of spices to cater to the need to enhance their customer’s taste buds.


Some international business establishments require blends of spices and seasonings in bulk, so as to sell them to their local customers. Exporters come into play here.

White Label / Private Labelling

Retailers or other business establishments at times demand their customized blend of spices and seasonings to be packaged with their own brand name and logos, private labelling comes into play here.


They provide access to a range of organic products in the form of Organic grocery stores, speciality spice shops and online marketplaces.

Corporate Gifting

It is done to enhance the relationships with the clients, employees and business partners like spice gift sets, custom spice blends, gourmet spice hampers, branded spice jars or bottles, custom spice kits and personalized spice labels.


Special care is given to time-bound arrival at the destination while maintaining the quality, efficiency, feasibility, and supply chain management of the products.


Machinery is an indispensable accessory to the production, processing, including grinding, blending, milling, cleaning, sorting, etc., and packaging, maintenance, and upkeep so as to keep up with the quality and authenticity of the organic products.

Reliable Service and Delivery

We value our customers’ trust and thus ensure timely service and delivery of our products. We make conscious efforts to sustain safety, innovation, and quality by meeting the global standards set for our products. We practice individual testing and traceability of our products, thus ensuring world-class quality and sustainability.

RK Group in-house quality lab

India is known to be the “King of Spices” due to its extensive manufacturing and exporting of spices since ancient times. RK Group embarked on the journey of being a part of this network in 1975, laying a foundation in Belwa, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, by ensuring unwavering commitment to quality, assurance, feasibility, professionalism, and trust. Assimilating the urge to stand out, RK Group carved its niche apart from others when adulteration in food products became a significant concern in the country, leading to various ailments. It was then, in 2017, that it brought forward its organic oath commitment to ensure sustainability, quality, preservation, and empowerment of health, farmers, consumers, and nature, all in tandem, thus forging a bond of trust with its customers. Today, we proudly claim our ICS at work with about 2000+ farmers engrossed in organic cultivation, and 1500+ more to join in the near future. We have also collaborated with FPOs and NGOs based in tribal areas and are involved in various CSR activities. Now, with the Farm Organic Brand spreading its wings globally we are bringing vivid savoury flavours to the market.

Why India

India has been known as the mother of spices; since ancient times and is also known for its versatility in aroma and flavour. India is the largest exporter of spices and spice products, thus establishing its reputation as an apotheosis in the sowing, harnessing, manufacturing, and distribution of delectable spices. India, being an agro-food taste-goblet accelerator and located in the sub-tropical region, is blessed with a habitable climate so as to support the cultivation of a basket of edibles. Utilizing this opportunity, RK Exports has stitched for itself a pathway to accomplish the vision with proper focus, wisdom, technology, safety, purity, and brand sustenance by being connected to nature and sourcing products with integrity for consumers.

Our Story

India is known to have the second-largest land holding for agriculture in the world, with around 60% of rural Indian households making a living off agriculture. It has eternally held an important position in terms of production and trade of agricultural products, of which spices have occupied a fair share in terms of production, sale, and exports, with around 60 different types of spices prominent in the country. With the Indian economy holding around 20% of the agriculture sector and around 51% of the agro-exporting industry, India has an inert potential to promote dynamism and exude leadership in terms of agriculture processing and marketing across the world.


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